Plug-and-play Threat Intelligence service for ISO 27001 requirements
The new ISO 27001:2022 revision requires organisations to collect, analyse, and produce threat intelligence regarding information security threats.
We have packaged a full managed Threat Intelligence Platform with curated sources designed to meet ISO 27001:2022 compliancy and brings your organization added value in a matter of weeks.
What ISO 27001:2022 5.7 requires?
Annex A control 5.7 is designed to help organisations understand their threat environment. This is so they can determine the proper actions to maintain information security based on the threats they identify.

Examine your threat environment periodically (by reviewing reports from public agencies and companies).

Sources of threat (i.e., insiders, competitors, criminals, terrorist groups) should be identified.

Determine possible novel attack vectors and trends based on current events and past incidents.

The most important thing is to build defences that will help mitigate security threats to the organisation.

How can we help?
We have designed an out-of-the box service based on the OpenCTI platform with curated sources adapted to our customers geographies and industries.
Regular reports and targeted alerts
You automatically receive the most important reports and alerts focused on your organization, depending on your sector, geographies and internal assets without any configuration effort.
Thanks to multiple notifications and digest systems, it is possible to display reports in both structured data (graph) or file (PDF, etc.). Also, you can choose to receive notifications by email, on instant messaging such as Slack / Teams or in the platform directly.
Tailored dashboards and key indicators
You have access (and can export / receive) built-in dashboards tailored for your organization. These dashboards contain relevant information about your threat landscape and can be used directly in security committees and board meetings.
Using these indicators, you have the information needed to feed your cybersecurity processes and workflows. They are covering all three levels of intelligence recommended to be taken into account by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
Immediately accessible with minimal resources and progressive added value
This out-of-the-box and packaged solution is almost plug-and-play to your existing cybersecurity processes and risk analysis methodology. In a matter of weeks, you have access to relevant information about the threat landscape of your organization.
Then, it is possible to increase your cyber threat intelligence maturity level working with our customer success team and leveraging more features of the OpenCTI platform in order to bump your detection and incident response capabilities and overall cyberdefense workflows.
What next?
To be able to tailor your experience of the Filigran Cyber Threat Intelligence, please fill the form here and precise your headquarter country and your industry. Our team will be in touch very quickly to achieve your on-boarding.