Professional Services
Filigran provides organizations which have specific projects or requirements with professional services and consulting activities. Our experts in the product portfolio are also focused on cyber threat intelligence operationalization, crisis management preparation and exercises planning.
We have experts in all our product portfolio who can help organizations to achieve successful projects with OpenCTI, OpenEx, OpenCrisis and more…
For OpenCTI
For OpenEx
Integration project with other IT / security components
Complex scenarios integration in the exercise injects
Threat Intelligence workflow specifications and implementation
Configuration and assistance for complex injectors interactions
Advising on selection of data sources and knowledge taxonomy
Advising on self-improvement and lessons learned over years
Infrastructure and deployment best practices and health check
Infrastructure and deployment best practices and health check
Help to implement a dissemination policy with sharing features
Help developing challenges, media pressure entries and injects
Development of connectors and scripts
Development of new injectors and integrations