Cloud Hosting
Filigran’s Software As A Service offering provides customers with a full managed, up-to-date instances of platforms in the cloud. Each instance is running in its own infrastructure tenant to ensure strict segregation between customers.
We propose two standard sizes of deployment but the configuration can be adapted if needed
Medium Plan
Large Plan
Up-to-date dedicated instance in the cloud
4 to 8 vCPU
8 to 16 vCPU
8 to 32 GB
16 to 64 GB
32 to 256 GB
64 to 512GB
Unlimited connectors and integrations
Unlimited users
Support subscription (included)
Product briefs
Download our product briefings with all cloud hosting and software as a service details
Included in the subscription
Cloud Hosting subscription also include standard support and custom workshops which bring added value to our customers.
Standard Professional Support
Filigran’s Support subscription provides organizations with professional assistance along their deployment, maintenance and usage of the platforms. It ensures them guaranteed response time and prioritization of their requests and questions.
Integration Workshop
Filigran Technical Account Managers handle support requests and are also able to assist organizations in the deployment and configuration of the platform to cover their use cases and ensure a proper integration with their cybersecurity ecosystem.