Anticipate cyber threats and disrupt crisis preparation
Filigran provides cyber threat intelligence, knowledge subsystems and crisis response solutions to thousands of cybersecurity and crisis management teams across the world.
OpenCTI is an open source platform allowing organizations to store, organize, visualize and share their knowledge on cyber threats.
OpenEx is an open source platform allowing organizations to plan, execute and conduct crisis management exercises.
OpenCrisis is an open source platform allowing organizations to handle, manage and respond to crisis across multiple teams and contexts.
ZotPrime is an open source full-packaged Zotero ecosystem for central management of documents and collaboration.
HackMeIfUCan is an open source platform allowing organizations to conduct  risk management serious games with multiple audiences.
Our services
Enterprise support

Filigran provides professional technical support through a yearly subscription which includes (depending of the selected level):

  • Ticketing system and phone number
  • 8/5 support coverage
  • SLA on response and resolution time
  • Security notifications
  • Health checks and integration workshops
Cloud Hosting (SaaS)

Filigran provides cloud hosting for all products on the major available cloud providers (AWS, GCP, Azure, Scaleway, OVHCloud):

  • Fully managed private tenant
  • Dedicated resources on vCPU, RAM, and Disk
  • Unlimited sources / connectors / injectors
  • Standard support included with response SLA
  • Health checks and integration workshops

Filigran provides basic and advanced training sessions for most of the available products, which can include:

  • Basic and advanced training for analysts and planners
  • Basic and advanced training for administrators and maintainers
  • Basic training for developers and contributors
  • Ad-hoc workshops for specific use cases
  • Available on-demand or instructor-led
You need professional services around one of our products?
Our values
Rooted in open source

We have been engaged in publishing open source projects under free licenses for several years. Providing the best tools to the community is part of our DNA.

The product is king

We focus on the quality of our products and associated source codes by taking the time to review contributions and minimize technical debt.

An open ecosystem

We dedicate energy to maintaining open ecosystems supported by other organizations to ensure constructive feedback on the use and evolution of software.

Teams with high added value

We have chosen to favor small teams with advanced and diversified skills to help our partners and customers to integrate and operationalize our solutions as well as possible.

Committed to the general interest

As our solutions are widely used by administrations, we have built partnerships to help public organizations protect themselves from potential threats and crises.

Innovation and fulfillment

We want to continue to innovate and push new ideas while keeping in mind that professionalism is not incompatible with the fulfillment and fun at work of our teams.

Our vision
Our history

OpenEx first release

July 2018

The first version of OpenEx was released.

OpenCTI first release

June 2019

The first version of OpenCTI was released.

Creation of Luatix

March 2020

The non profit organization was founded to setup governance and community.

Creation of Citeum Initiatives

January 2021

Creation of the Citeum fundation to promote open source and common goods.

Creation of Filigran

November 2021

Filigran was created to strengthen development teams and provide professional services.